Adulting and Screaming is a hub that centers around the highs and lows of adulting. Whether you want to read about finances, career, relationships, finding your passion, or just a good ole fashioned rant, we've got you covered.

What is Adulting & Screaming? 

Welcome to Adulting and Screaming! My name is Adrienne and welcome to the wonderful world of not knowing what you’re doing, hoping to find an adultier adult to guide you, and the chronic feeling like you should be further along in your life. Like most great ideas, I created Adulting Screaming while sitting at a bar, contemplating what was I going to do with the rest of my life. I was about to turn 30, and was in full 'I’m not where I thought I’d be' mode. What’s more, all of my friends felt the same way.

Because quite frankly, adulting sucks. I won’t pretend that this is a new phenomena. I’m sure my parents weren’t thrilled to be adulting either, but they grinned and bearred it like the pros they are. Looking back, I’m 100% sure they had no idea what they were doing and learned as they went, just like me. Thankfully for us, we have the internet! We don’t have to we don’t have to go through this awkward second puberty alone.

So if whether you’re a millennial, hate the term, or hate millennials, this brand is for you. No matter if you’ve hit a small rough patch, need to get your life together or are a complete mess, you’re not alone. We’re all adulting together.

Who am I?

Adrienne, CEO of Adulting and Screaming

I’m a serial entrepreneur that dreams of changing the world. Some of my ventures have been featured in The Washington Post, ABC News, and Black Enterprise, to name a few.  When I’m not screaming about adulting, I’m self-employed as a digital strategist. I help businesses optimize their social media, tell their story and reach their goals, all with the power of the Internet.

I love all things wine, would get married at Trader Joe’s and change my hair every two weeks. Just go with it, or don’t.