I'm Not Living Right, Because Life's Not Fair

I'm Not Living Right, Because Life's Not Fair

Have you ever sat alone and thought to yourself, "I'm not living right?"

Anywho, my sister and I have lamented about how despite having hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of education between us, we’re not living right. We followed respectability politics to a tee, studied hard and strived to make our parents proud. However, despite this, we are out here losing. 

How? Because we live in a world where Kim Kardashian made $14 million in less than 10 minutes and I have a mortgage payment due in roughly three days. Yeah, life’s not fair.

This is not to say Kim doesn’t deserve the money she rakes in. After all, we live in a world of supply and demand, and if someone is willing to supply her demands, who am I to poo poo on that? This is about me not living right, not shading others. 

The more I live, the more I realize I’m not living right. For example, an executive who fails miserably gets an exit package for millions of dollars. Most of us are lucky to get two weeks severance if we get the boot from our jobs. 

Then I thought some more and made a list of how I know I’m not living right. 

1) People Make A Living Playing Pokemon Go

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen my boyfriend watching Youtube, featuring some kid in a posh apartment talk about playing Pokemon Go. This kid is just talking. I sat down and watched this kid, thinking I’d experience some Poke-epiphany. It never came. I’m 99% sure I ruined my boyfriend’s viewing pleasure by asking a million question. The main one was, “How Sway?” 

Despite the millions of views, I don’t get the appeal of watching someone talk about Pokemon. I guess I’m not the target audience anyway. But hey, if you love to play games, there are worse ways to make a living, right? If I could muster up the cares, I would totally relocate to sunny LA and have y’all tune into my daily Poke-ism. 

2) Hot Couples Can Take Free Vacations Thanks To Instagram

Now, this is something that I can get all the way behind. I just saw this article where a couple gets paid up to $9,000 per Instagram post. I love traveling and I love my bae, so sign me up! After a glance at this couple’s beyond winning Instagram, I can immediately tell their appeal. 

A) This couple is so hot, they are steamy. 
B) Their photos are orgasmically awesome. I mean the views man. This couple came to slay and collect this money. 

I’m not lying when I tell you I’m 30 seconds away from lighting all the food in my house on fire and putting me and bae on a strict salad only with no dressing diet and booking a flight to Tahiti. Hell, I may be cranky due to the lack of food, but I’ll be hot and cranky, plus paid. 

3) I Don't Have A Trust Fund

My biggest regret in life is not being an heiress. I shared this with my mom and she essentially told me to build a bridge and get over it. 

Yes, I know, I cannot control not being an heiress, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel disappointed by it. The main reason being, I’d be an amazing heiress! I’d launch several businesses, sit on fancy boards, I’d drop an auto-tuned demo, and set up scholarships so girls could attend Spelman College. I’d be the bomb diggity and make money through nightclub appearances. 

Granted, I can do most of this without being an heiress, but I’d be able to do all of this without having to worry about how these bills are getting paid if I fail. And I’m pretty sure I could wake up around noon-ish.

4) Money is Power and I'm Currently Powerless

Money is power. If you don’t have any in our capitalist society, God help you. Now I’m not talking about oh, I want to treat myself to a $300 dress because I’m worth it. I’m talking about, I don’t believe Trump should pull out of the Paris agreement so I’m going to pay the United States’ portion, all $15 million dollars if it. Yes, I’m looking at you, Michael Bloomberg. Now, I’m aware his foundation or a group of billionaires will most likely pay the price tag, however, the fact that he could spend or raise the money to make ish happen is incredible. Could you imagine having that kind of power? 

All jokes aside, I’m an Aquarius, so once I’ve identified a problem, I work to solve it. Aside from the being an heiress, all of these living right examples are accessible to a certain extent to me. Watching people living right has forced me to reevaluate what do I need to do to live right. My answer? Identifying my passions and gifts and figuring out how to leverage them for profit. Easier said than done. 

It’s kind of sad, but in the quest to be an adult and climb the career ladder, I really don’t know what that passion is. However, that’s what’s adulthood is all about. Paying bills and learning more about yourself. Stay tuned. 

But enough about me, how aren’t you living right?

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